The Vine Street corridor is rooted in the rich history of Kissimmee. As one of Central Florida’s oldest communities, Kissimmee served as a hub for the cattle and citrus industries. When the region’s economic drivers shifted toward tourism, an influx of visitors and residents led to Vine Street’s birth as a major thoroughfare.

Over the past two decades, changing development patterns and demographics have affected the aesthetic and economic environment of downtown Kissimmee – extending through the Vine Street corridor. Additionally, population growth requires more diversified transit options. To address these needs, the City of Kissimmee, now the second largest city in Central Florida, has embarked on an effort to define strategies for the future.

In 2005, the City initiated the Vine Street Redevelopment Study, which analyzed market, socioeconomic and transportation trends. In response to the findings, a Vine Street Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was formed to catalyze key investments and create a framework for development and transportation. This Vine Street CRA unites ongoing efforts and builds on the relationship with the Downtown Kissimmee CRA. It has led to the adoption of the Vine Street Master Plan and a regional Multimodal Transportation District.

With this foundation, Vine Street is poised to build on key assets and become a vibrant destination.